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Four Poems

A guest poet tonight, the young Miss SARAH STELMACK, age 11!!! These are fantastic. Thanks so much Sarah!!

Enjoy all! And stay warm!!

1.            HAPPINESS

The gentle lap of the waves on my toes soothes me.

The air’s breath caresses my hair in its warmth.

A leaf falls next to my face in my bed of soft sand.

I feel warm and loved as I lie on the beach, alone, the sun on my face.

I sigh with happiness as the wind and the water …

The Poetic Licence Contest for Canadian Youth 2011

The Poetic Licence Contest for Canadian Youth 2011

Deadline January 15, 2011

The League of Canadian Poets, a national not-for-profit poetry organization founded in 1966, invites Canadian youth to participate in its Poetic Licence Contest.

There are two age categories, junior (grades 7-9) and senior (grades 10-12).

First place poems in each category will receive a cash prize of $350, second place winners will receive $300 and third place winners will receive $250.

All winning poems will be published in the League of Canadian Poets’ …