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Remember this?

Remember that article a while back from the Writerly Life? Most of what You’re Reading is Probably A Waste of Time?

The article got some mixed reviews. Check it out!  Right here.…

Most of What You’re Reading is Probably a Waste of Time Article

I have a question for you! Recently, this article was posted on I think it boasts some interesting points, but I’m not sure I agree with it entirely. I want to know what you think of it. Read on!


Most of What You’re Reading is Probably a Waste of Time


As an admitted book snob, I can tell you that not all reading is equal in merit or usefulness. We writers read to learn and improve our craft, as well …

Great Article from Writerly Life!

It’s happened to the best of us. You’re out doing something, and someone you know tells someone you don’t know that you’re writing a novel, or a chapbook, etc.

This leads to that awkward, “So what’s your novel about?” chat that, personally, makes me die a little on the inside, because I know that when I explain it, it is going to come out sounded stupid. Never fails.

How does one deal with these sorts of questions? Well, Writerly Life has some answers.

Click here! …

A Neat Article to Check Out

I found this great article on how to keep things fresh in your writing. Check it out at


I Challenge You!

I, Lindsey of the Board of Directors/your friendly neighborhood website elf, challenge everyone to write a story or poem that uses this photo in some way. Be it for inspiration, setting, shoved in random dialog (“Hey Betty, where did you get that neato photo?” “Well Johnny, I found it taped to my fridge beside a business card for some guy calling himself the Goblin King. Go figure.”) or any other way you can think to incorporate it. You’re all creative, I know you can hack …