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Why I Still Live in Winnipeg Part 2

Winnipeg has a lot to offer. Some of it good (Like The Winnipeg International Writer’s Festival which is just around the corner!) and some of it not so good (minus fifty with the windchill… love you too, February.).

Here is part 2 of my list of why I still live in Winnipeg:


Fort Gibraltar

Where else in the city can you go to find out some interesting historical facts, then go to a charity dinner, have a little wine and throw some hatchets? That’s …

Why I Still Live in Winnipeg

Everybody who lives in Winnipeg, at one point or another, runs into that guy or girl from elsewhere who says, “You’re from Winterpeg? Why would anyone actually live there?”

And ok, I’ve had that moment, that slow chill over my heart as I stand outside waiting for a bus before dawn in February.  I feel the windchill against my face and I ask myself, “Why do I live here? Why did anyone settle here? Why didn’t the first people who came to this hunk of …

Culture Days Manitoba seeks Volunteers

I think  we need some writerly types representing at this year’s Culture Days.


(Re-posted from the Winnipeg Arts e-billboard)

SEPTEMBER 30th- OCTOBER 2nd 2011

Join thousands of Canadians this fall in the largest arts participation campaign ever undertaken! Culture  Days is a collaborative pan-Canadian volunteer movement to raise the awareness, accessibility, participation and engagement of all Canadians in the arts and cultural life of their communities. This is an open call for all volunteers to join the movement and help us …

Fantasy Writers!

Attention Fantasy writers:

A magical city has popped up in a Chinese harbor. The funny thing is, is that I am only half kidding. (Seriously, go check this out!)

Maybe if we all pray to the Fantasy Gods really really hard, one of these bad boys will pop up at the Forks!