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Book Dominoes

i say we form a flash domino-ing mob and storm the library! …someone bring a camera!!



Compare / Contrast the Cohen

another version of “A Thousand Kisses Deep,” alongside the previously posted version, they show  how poems/works can evolve and change over time, and how changes can keep the mood and tone but have completely different meanings and even words. hmmmm….

… i might just like this version better. or maybe its just the clear resonance of his beautiful voice.

love always,

katherena “overuses youtube on” vermette…

i’m gonna feed you the poetry and you’re gonna eat it!!

no one celebrates christmas like george michael!

white spandex always puts me in a festive mood!

Loose Yourself

friday night confession: there are a few songs, very few, from which i derive instant motivation, this is one of them….

and yes, i too have a shameful crush on mr. slim shady! i mean, who doesn’t? really… if we’re all being honest……

Just a Little Patience.

i blame the hermitage that accompanies essay writing for my recent guns n roses phase! but this video is useful and interesting for many reasons, some of which are,

one) patience is a virtue!

two) writing requires infinite amounts of patience!

three) see # one again!

four) watching this video begs the question – whatever happened to axel rose? 1989 = he was the epitome of coolness – he got away with everything, didn’t have to wear pants on stage, dated models, spit on said …