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Call for Submissions for a Book on Gems of Advice

An exciting opportunity from the folks at Dropped Threads!


Re: Call for Submissions for a Book on Gems of Advice


We are a creative team currently putting together a collection of short narratives—from 300-500 words per piece—on the topic of memorable words of advice and invite you to send in a submission. Tell us about some counsel you’ve given, heard about or received by word or example that has made a significant difference in your life, or in the life of another advice …

Rhubarb Magazine: Call to Writers, Deadline December 1, 2011


Rhubarb magazine is soliciting submissions from writers and artists who self-identify as being of Jewish, Ukrainian, or Mennonite cultural heritage for a special issue to be published in spring 2012. It’s been a century or more since our ancestors came to North America. We share much in our common history: emigration in the face of oppression, pride of community, marginalization within the mainstream. We also acknowledge tensions among our communities. This issue will explore …



Entries are now being accepted for the Manitoba Book Awards.

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, December 7, 2010. Please see and below, for more information.

Established in 1988, the Manitoba Book Awards celebrate Manitoba writers, publishers and books. There are 13 diverse awards categories this year. Each award will be judged by a jury of 3 writing and/or publishing professionals, 2 of whom will be from out of province. Short-lists will be released in early March.

The …

Basket Case Publishing (the coolest name for a publisher ever!!!)

Canadian publisher Basket Case Publishing is now open for submissions

We are an independent press, focusing on Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, currently looking for high quality, novel and graphic novel submissions

Please see our submissions page for further details here

Basket Case Publishing was established in 2010 and aims to promote the works of new and established authors, with a focus on Canadian talent. Visit our website…

Our Tenth Anniversary – Submissions WANTED!!!

So, we have yet to receive any gifts for Our Tenth Anniversary, but fear not, upon further research, I discovered that although TIN is considered the TRADITIONAL tenth anniversary material, MODERN variations are ALUMINUM or DIAMONDS. Hmmmm. Well, diamonds might be out since they are so contentiously acquired, but perhaps you can get us something ALUMINUM? A can of pop perhaps?  Yes, that would be nice. Nothing says, “I love and appreciate you as an organization” than fizzy caffeinated beverages! No sir!

Are you excited …

Submitting Your Work to Journals

Literary journals offer a wide market for your work and a good way to get your feet wet in the world of publication. There are no sure-fire tips to guarantee you get published, but there are two ways to increase your chances: 1. Do your research and 2. Follow submission guidelines.


Your first step is to get a list of prospects. Google is your friend, especially if you are a genre writer. (“Genre” typically refers to Harlequin-type romance, horror, science fiction/fantasy, whodunnit and western. …