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Would you pay to go to a reading at a bookstore?

Bookstores are facing troubling times. People are buying less books, and if they do decide to buy a book, they buy it digitally.

This is a problem if you are a book seller. A way to combat this problem is by charging admission to readings.

According to the New York Times, more and more people are going into bookstores, and wandering around. Then, when they find a book they want to read, they go home and buy it online.

Do you think it is …

Catherine Hunter Video

ok, i think i now know how to post videos. message me if this doesn’t work or stops working.

it should be catherine hunter reading at mcnally. yay catherine hunter!



The second reading of the season will feature Gary Geddes and Michael Crummey on Monday November 1st. To reserve a season’s subscription or to reserve a seat for the September reading contact the MWG office at , or check out their website !

Monday November 1st:
Gary Geddes has written and edited more than forty books and won a dozen national and international literary awards, the most recent of which is the Lt.-Governor’s Award for Literary Excellence in BC. His