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Grammar Matters!

Grammar DOES matter! Don’t let anybody tell you different.

Like the tiniest knife to a wood carver, or most delicate chisel to a sculptor, grammar is the finest tool of our craft.

To forget about it, or not pay attention to it, means you are creating something crude and rough where smooth, polished work could have been.

I didn’t always think so highly of grammar ~ I used to believe writing was art and art should have no rules….Call me a sell out but that ……

the future is NOW -


New Online Book Community Hosts Largest Collection of Canadian Books Ever Assembled


check it –



Figment: An Online Writing Community!

Credit goes to our fair president Hilary Friesen who found this neato community on the interweb – figment – me thinks some fun shall be had there….


and a nice little article about said site from the folks at Quill and Quire  - here!…

Textofiction = What fun!!

Bringing the best writing in under 140 characters.

What’s Textofiction?

Textofiction is an online literary publication dedicated to bringing the best writing in under 140 characters.

The idea is to get a full narrative across in the size of a text message, or a tweet. And although our name’s Textofiction, we also publish nonfiction and poetry.

Textofiction is edited by Braydon Beaulieu and Alexandra Gayowsky.
Our additional reading panel includes Louis Cabri, author of The Mood Embosser, published by Coach House Books.

We’re …

Bookninja Looking for Help!

this notice from Bookninja – a great opportunity for an up and comer!

Bookninja Looking for Help! – A great guy, a great poet and a great website

Help Wanted: Apply Within

Well, as you can see, my life is moving on. Between the pressures of my family, work, artistic, and social lives, I’m unable to dedicate the time I used to to good old Bookninja. Truth be told, it’s also been pretty fucking tiring playing this character for seven years. That said, I’d like …