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Check this out!

Here’s a neato article passed along by the fabulous Debbie Strange!

It has art, mystery and Ian Rankin references!

Check it out!        Click here! Click here!…

Finding the Mystery Behind Mystery Author Karen Dudley

Don’t forget to come down and spend 100 minutes with the lovely Karen Dudley, Saturday, May 1 @ 1:30pm in the Carol Shields Auditorium, Millennium Library, Downtown Winnipeg! … Read her interview with Kate right here ….

100 Minutes with Author Karen Dudley

Karen Dudley is a scribbler of words, a procrastinator of work, a maker of soaps, and (so her editor informs her) a composer of sentences with often misplaced commas. She is also a mum, which is more work than all the above put together (great perks though!). She has written four mysteries featuring environmental consultant Robyn Devara, as well as a short stack of wildlife biology books for kids. She is currently working on her fifth novel, which has absolutely nothing to do with any …