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Rain Dance, anyone?

Praise the clouds! It’s raining! Perhaps Winnipeg won’t turn into a desert.

Here’s a list of songs involving rain to celebrate:

Singing in the Rain sung by Gene Kelly from ‘Singing in the Rain’

Rain Dance by the Guess Who

If it Rains by Meatloaf

Songs About Rain by Gary Allan

Here Comes the Rain Again by the Eurythymics

Feel free to add to this list!…

The Tragically Hip!

Tomorrow night the Tragically Hip will be playing a show at Shaw Park.

The Tragically Hip are one of Canada’s most popular band (if not THE most popular band) and often incorporate Canadian content into their songs.  Gordon Downie is a fantastic poet and I figured, as a pre-show warm-up, I would post some links to some Hip songs.

Do you like the Tragically Hip? Have you read/heard Gordon Downie’s poetry?  Do you feel that there is a certain song that is more poetic than …

Good Night, Sleep Tight, and May the Creativity Bug Bite you.

Tonight, as the sun slowly went down over the trees of Assiniboine Park, I thought about songs dedicated to going to sleep.

Sleep, we need it, we crave it and some times, in sleep, your muse is able to speak a little bit louder or show you how to fix that stupid plot hole you’ve been agonizing over for the past three months.

So here is a short list of songs dedicated to sleeping:


1. Insomniacs of the World, Good Night by Gordon Downie…

someone like YOU!

Hello! Happy April! I feel like I have been living under a rock for weeks. Oh look, the snow melted. Well, let’s celebrate with a little music to inspire. I understand that this Adele person has been around a while but, like I said, I live under a rock, so she’s new to me. And I just love LOVE this song. It’s been on repeat all day. It’s an genuine ANTHEM of the whatcouldhavebeen. Gasp!