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At Least it’s Sunny, Right?!

Today Winnipeg is colder than Mars! Yesterday we were colder than the North Pole! That’s what I like to call, writing weather!!

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Hello Collective,

So nice to be back here. I almost remember how to use this thing.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Kate. I used to be on the WCM Board and write on this blog a couple years ago, and now, I am happy to be back with this amazing organization, this time as the Program Coordinator! I am …

A Message from WC Member Lori Broadfoot

A Message from
WC Member

Lori Broadfoot

Some of you may not have heard our sad news: our city house was badly damaged in a fire on Monday, April 4.
It started from the untended fireplace, and yes, just one careless act can become bigger than you THAT FAST.
Our hearts are broken over the loss of our dear pets, overcome quickly by the smoke; Sophie, the celebrity sled-dog and her little buddy, Monty the wind-up dog. We miss them desperately.
Alana, her dog Bunny