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Member Newsletter with Karen Emilson

Congratuations to the winners!

Winnipeg Free Press/Writers’ Collective
Short Fiction and Marie Barton Postcard Contests
First Place -  She Was Waterton by Corina Liepert
Second PlaceThe Race by Adriano Magnifico
Third PlaceFireside Ramblings by Alex Kapkey

First PlaceChristmas by Peter Heinrichs
Second PlaceMontague Boy by Yeseul Kim
Third PlaceLet the Rain Fall by Taylor Stoesz
Hon. MentionThe Killer Inside Me by Katelyn Cabral

First Place

Riddle Fence call for submissions

Heard the call — the Riddle Fence call for submissions? Our current deadline for submissions is December 10, 2010.

So we publish the best in Canada.

Riddle Fence is currently considering submissions of previously unpublished fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, and artwork for its eighth issue.

Please send no more than 1 piece of prose (maximum 5,000 words) OR 3 pieces of artwork (300 dpi minimum). We pay $30 per printed page for prose and $30 per image for artwork (plus a copy of the issue

Basket Case Publishing (the coolest name for a publisher ever!!!)

Canadian publisher Basket Case Publishing is now open for submissions

We are an independent press, focusing on Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, currently looking for high quality, novel and graphic novel submissions

Please see our submissions page for further details here

Basket Case Publishing was established in 2010 and aims to promote the works of new and established authors, with a focus on Canadian talent. Visit our website…

Attention Writers: Some deadlines are fast approaching!

Deadline: November 1st

PostFiction Submission Guidelines

PostFiction is looking for writers and/or photographers to submit “postcard fiction” — short stories or poems that fit on the back of a 4 X 6 postcard or photograph.

The text you submit can be as short as you like, but should not exceed what would reasonably fit on the back of a photograph or postcard.

The content of the writing and the photograph should relate in some way. We’re looking for writing in any style or genre.

Deadline …

a couple of upcoming deadlines…

deadline: October 31, 2010 – Mosaic: Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature, Special Issue: Romance

The OED has to give some three pages to defining the word ROMANCE that, with all of its rich history, is at the center of this Mosaic Call for Papers. We invite innovative interdisciplinary literary and critical submissions for a special issue we are planning on this theme. For this issue, our interests include, but are not limited to, the following: ‘the Romantics,’ who have undergone a renascence of …

for those of you who like to work close to a deadline….

…. some deadlines coming up next week. so get yourselfs a-crackin’….

Dust & Fire,

Bemidji State University’s annual publication of Women’s Writing and Art

is seeking submissions for their 2011 Anthology.

See Submissions Info here …..

Postmark those puppies by September 17th….

Dust & Fire will announce decisions near the end of December.

All submissions will be acknowledged.

carte blanche

“carte blanche is just that.

It’s where writers can sound off, send up, amuse, follow their muse, versify, sketch, snap, dramatize, think big, …

Writer seeks literary magazine…

Let’s face it, submitting to journals and magazines is a bit of a crap shoot… your odds are improved by a lot of digging, researching, and, of course, writing and editing, but in the end, you’re just playing in the sand and hoping for the best!

Yet, this is not as discouraging as you might think, good research is not to be undervalued, look long enough and you can find the perfect publication for what you are working on, and just because the one you …

Our Tenth Anniversary – Submissions WANTED!!!

So, we have yet to receive any gifts for Our Tenth Anniversary, but fear not, upon further research, I discovered that although TIN is considered the TRADITIONAL tenth anniversary material, MODERN variations are ALUMINUM or DIAMONDS. Hmmmm. Well, diamonds might be out since they are so contentiously acquired, but perhaps you can get us something ALUMINUM? A can of pop perhaps?  Yes, that would be nice. Nothing says, “I love and appreciate you as an organization” than fizzy caffeinated beverages! No sir!

Are you excited …

Summer, a good new market and MORE

Hey all! Happy post May Long weekend blahs! I hate short weeks after long weekends – so anticlimactic. Well, hate is a strong word, and really what do I have to complain about  - SUMMER IS HERE!! YES! the unofficial start of Winnipeg’s summer season is now upon us, and that means the BDI is open, slurpees are flying out of the dispensers, kids are using the after storm puddles as wading pools, AND, perhaps most notably of all, the Writers Collective of Manitoba is …