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Manitoba Reads

Good news! The long list of books is up for the brand spankin’ new Manitoba Reads (good one, CBC!). The bad news? They’re all really good books. How are we to choose?

I vote one of those giant spin wheels like they have on Wheel of Fortune.  Or you could read them all and choose a favorite. The choice is yours!

Check it out! Manitoba Reads…

Note by Colin Smith

And the guy that writes such beautiful biographies for Speaking Crow authors has only this to say about himself, “Colin Smith’s latest book of poems is 8 x 8 x 7 (KRUPSKAYA Books, 2008).” So let me try to write a Colin Smith bio a la Colin Smith -

The coolest poet working in Winnipeg today, Smith spurns normality and subverts the poetic status quo. His rebellious raptures are hilariously haunting, as his verses echo endlessly, the full extent of their genius only shamelessly revealed …