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Why I Still Live in Winnipeg part 3

Winnipeg has its faults (you’re not going to find Murder Capital on this list of why I still live here, that’s for sure), but it also has a vast and varied arts community, beautiful parks and a rich history.


Here are a few more reasons why I love living here.


Nothing beats a good boomer after a hot, hot day in the summer time. The smell of the air when it rains, the feeling along your spine every time there is a great …

Barbara Nickel & Lindsey Childs

Barbara Nickel & Lindsey Childs

Thursday May 12, 2011

8:00 p.m. at Aqua Books

Cost: FREE!

Please join Aqua in welcoming BC writer Barbara Nickel to Winnipeg. She’ll be joined by Lindsey Childs, who recently won the Winnipeg Free Press/Writers Collective Poetry Contest for her poem “Predator.”


Lindsey Childs has studied writing at The University of Winnipeg and at Canadian Mennonite University where she took Barbara Nickel’s poetry class. Lindsey has published in Juice and her poem, “Predator”, which recently tied for first place

Celebrating Poetry, part troix

yes i do like to speak FRENglish, why do you ask??


so continuing our tour of BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ FAVOURITE POETS, we come to the dear poet herself, Ms. LINDSEY CHILDS who told me that her favourite poet is a toss up between ARIEL GORDON and GWENDOLYN MACEWEN. both stellar choices i have to say…

ARIEL GORDON just won the Lansdowne Poetry Prize at the 2011 Manitoba Book Awards for her collection, HUMP. a great book if you have a chance to pick it …

A Tribute to Michael from Lindsey Childs

On Janurary 27th, the writer’s community here in Winnipeg, suffered a tragic blow. Michael Van Rooy, died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 42. He was the Writers’ Collective ‘s Program Coordinator, and he was our friend.

Besides working for the Writer’s Collective, he was also the administrator for the Canadian Mennonite University’s School of Writing, he was the publicist for The Winnipeg International Writer’s Festival and the President of the Board of Director’s for Prairie Fire Magazine.

As if that …