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Finding the Mystery Behind Mystery Author Karen Dudley

Don’t forget to come down and spend 100 minutes with the lovely Karen Dudley, Saturday, May 1 @ 1:30pm in the Carol Shields Auditorium, Millennium Library, Downtown Winnipeg! … Read her interview with Kate right here ….

100 Minutes with Author Karen Dudley

Karen Dudley is a scribbler of words, a procrastinator of work, a maker of soaps, and (so her editor informs her) a composer of sentences with often misplaced commas. She is also a mum, which is more work than all the above put together (great perks though!). She has written four mysteries featuring environmental consultant Robyn Devara, as well as a short stack of wildlife biology books for kids. She is currently working on her fifth novel, which has absolutely nothing to do with any …