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xxx ndn book launch

tomorrow nite! wed, jun 29 @ 8pm – come on down to the Windsor Hotel (187 Garry Street, Winnipeg) and watch the Aboriginal Writers Collective launch its new collection of poetry and prose – xxx ndn: love and lust in ndn country… and yes, it’s rather erotic shhhhhhh


have a one night stand with the Aboriginal Writers Collective of Manitoba! (duncan made me put that in)

we are launching our new book xxx ndn. the book features poetry and prose from the awcm

Another Modest Proposal by Jordan Wheeler

as an Aboriginal person, i am often asked by non-Aboriginal people to explain points of Aboriginality (yes it’s a word, it’s actually one of my favourites). tho i appreciate interest in my culture and honest, earnest questions, sometimes i grow tired of constantly putting on the “ambassador hat” as i call it. … but the last thing i want to do is discourage questions.

the Winnipeg Public Library has recently partnered with the Aboriginal Writers Collective to try and build up the library’s collection of …

The Twelfth Day of Writemas

… re: the song = whatever already!…

almost didn’t make it here today due to technical difficulties but got it in just under the wire…. and today, Mr. Jordan Wheeler = last ndn i swear! (at least during Writemas)

first a bio – uncharacteristically short winded for the Wheelerster - Jordan Wheeler is a member of the Gordon First Nation.  He’s been writing stories since 1982. Aaaand he’s on NativeWiki – check it! (NativeWiki = just as “Made it” as white person Wiki).

now, my …