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I Challenge You!

I, Lindsey of the Board of Directors/your friendly neighborhood website elf, challenge everyone to write a story or poem that uses this photo in some way. Be it for inspiration, setting, shoved in random dialog (“Hey Betty, where did you get that neato photo?” “Well Johnny, I found it taped to my fridge beside a business card for some guy calling himself the Goblin King. Go figure.”) or any other way you can think to incorporate it. You’re all creative, I know you can hack …

Workshop – Never Written, Just Re-Written with Danny Schur

Award-winning playwright, composer, lyricist and writer Danny Schur (Strike! – The Musical) will offer a three-hour workshop entitled “Never Written, Just Re-Written” based on his experience with historical fiction, adapting into multiple genres and marketing and promotion.

Cost of the workshop is $15 for Writers’ Collective members, $30 for non-members.

For more information or to register contact Michael Van Rooy, the Writers’ Collective Program Coordinator at (204) 786-9468 or by email at [email protected]