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Figment: An Online Writing Community!

Credit goes to our fair president Hilary Friesen who found this neato community on the interweb – figment – me thinks some fun shall be had there….


and a nice little article about said site from the folks at Quill and Quire  - here!…

fete du poesie, parti six

i hope my french is correct. i’m a little rusty…



ok one last favourite: this poet is care of Hilary Friesen, our fair president with a flare for chairing a meeting! Hilary mentioned quite a few poets among her faves, the exceptional Vs. by Kerry Ryan (i had the pleasure of interviewing her last year – check it out – here!!) and the marvelous this is a small northern town by Rosanna Deerchild! (click on their names for more info on …

Celebrating Poetry Month! part une

we are behind in the times! all the cool literary blogs are celebrating poetry month so we should too!


the toronto quarterly has tons of neato interviews and profiles of the latest and greatest  - check it out – here!


and, of course, the league of canadian poets is celebrating, who knew! lots of greatness to be found – here!


so, to join in the fun, i asked our fabuloso board members who their favourite poets are! secretary extraordinaire TARA …

The Writers’ Collective is looking for a Program Coordinator

The Writers’ Collective is looking for a Program Coordinator.

The Program Coordinator is primarily responsible for member and partner relations and organizing and administering Collective programs and events. Applicants must be dedicated, reliable, community minded, able to work independently and with different groups of people.

Experience in preparing grant applications is an asset, as is experience with the local writing and publishing community.  Should have multi-tasking skills, excellent communication (both written and verbal) and networking skills.

Must have facility with various computer programs including Excel …

We Must Embrace Rejection and Learn to Learn From It!

Ah Rejection! Something writers, and most kinds of people, just need to get used to. Check out this page – – for a twist on the lovely rejection letter, because they don’t mean what they say you know, you have to translate their rejection language, and then you can learn from the experience and move on.

Again – the writing / dating analogies abound! Sigh


Thanks to Hilary for this link!!

The Thirteenth Day of Writemas

so i know the song traditionally doesn’t have a thirteenth day, but thirteen is so much cooler a number than twelve so that’s why Writemas has thirteen! Writemas is so much cooler than Christmas after all.

so today, a final diddy, and another submission from the lovely Hilary Friesen

- a write up from her attendance at a recent Writers’ Collective workshop with the lovely director Danishka Esterhazy…


Beginners Course in Scriptwriting – Danishka Esterhazy

“The story structure of film is very formulaic – …

The Ninth Day of Writemas



- singing it louder makes me feel energetic!

ok so leaving behind the other Collective, we now return to our regularly scheduled programming of this Writers Collective…. with a lovely postcard story from the uber lovely Hilary Friesen. (technically, it’s a postcard story without the postcard but i don’t really feel the postcard is neccessary to the postcard story – just …

13 Days of Writemas!

starts on Sunday, yes, that would be 13 days til xmas eve! scary how time flies!

so this is what we’re going to do here at – we are going to post awesome writing everyday from sunday til the following friday. EVERYDAY. should be great. we have some real jems here – local writers showing their stuff, and maybe a good ol’ oldie or two. .. should be great awesome WRITEMAS fun (Writemas was coined by the lovely Hilary Friesen by the way)

so …

Awards Night Fotos, part 2

just a few more from our Awards Night -

Awards Night Fotos

On Monday September 27, 2010 an enthusiatic writerly crowd gathered in the Carol Shields Auditorium,

fearlessly led by WCM President Hilary Friesen,

and her equally courageous sidekick Program Coordinator Michael Van Rooy,

young and emerging writers

were coerced into reading their work for the audience

and they did,

and they all did a GREAT job!!!