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a guy named Tyler Audet wrote a story for youse

ok so i am so busy with school! to think about anything besides school! so my apologies about the lack of blog but you know, school! lucky for you i know lots of cool peeps who write good so while i am busy with school! you can get a break from me and read these other guys… and now if you’ll excuse me i must get back to school!

please welcome local writer Tyler Audet (insert applause sound here) who wrote this wonderful yarn and

Four Poems

A guest poet tonight, the young Miss SARAH STELMACK, age 11!!! These are fantastic. Thanks so much Sarah!!

Enjoy all! And stay warm!!

1.            HAPPINESS

The gentle lap of the waves on my toes soothes me.

The air’s breath caresses my hair in its warmth.

A leaf falls next to my face in my bed of soft sand.

I feel warm and loved as I lie on the beach, alone, the sun on my face.

I sigh with happiness as the wind and the water …

Warm Poems for a Warm Evening

Please welcome Jocelyn Boileau to the blogging fold! And enjoy her beautiful poem here. Thanks so much Jocelyn.

Do You Know Who You Are?

“I am all orders of being, the circling galaxy, the evolutionary intelligence, the lift, and the falling away.  What is, and what isn’t.     ~ Rumi

Do You Know Who You Are?

Are you the light that filters shadows

through the leaves across the wild yard?

In through the window

on to the couch.  Dancing.

Are you the moth, fluttering?

Hitting itself …

The Voice, the Words, the Power

so here we are again with another guest blogger, please welcome the always insightful janine le gal. janine is a journalist and one of the founding members of the writers collective! we begged for some of her precious time to give us a glimpse of how she feels about writing during this, the writers collective commemorative tenth year. so glad she obliged us…

The Voice, the Words, the Power

By Janine LeGal

As a teenager in the early 80s, my fantasy job was to do …

The Pulse of Poetry

don’t you just LOVE that title? us too! guest contributor Debbie Strange gives us the pulse of today’s blog entry right here….

The Pulse of Poetry

Words have always intrigued me. I like to think that instead of being born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I was born with a pen in my hand. I have spent countless hours perusing the dictionary and have written reams of pages noting the words that called my name. I keep them in a special file, waiting …

Are you up for the Speaking Crow Challenge??

Hey y’all, the website elves here, and we wanted to introduce a guest blogger today,

please give a warm welcome to Ms. Shayla E….

(insert applause here)

Hi, I am Shayla Elizabeth, a member of the Aboriginal Writers’ Collective, and I wanted to write a few words on my experience with the Speaking Crow Open Mic series.

At the beginning of 2009, one of my new year’s resolutions was to start going to the Speaking Crow on a regular basis and try to make as …