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Rules for writing

The Guardian is doing a series on “Rules for writers.” They’ve asked contemporary authors to offer their “golden rules” for writing.

I’m by no means an “esteemed” contemporary author (unless you’re asking about my self-esteem), but I thought I’d throw my own offering into the ring.

1. Don’t set the jumps too high. This one I learned from Julia Cameron and her book, The Artist’s Way. Basically, it means don’t start off by setting grandiose goals. There’s no harm in setting the …

Submitting Your Work to Journals

Literary journals offer a wide market for your work and a good way to get your feet wet in the world of publication. There are no sure-fire tips to guarantee you get published, but there are two ways to increase your chances: 1. Do your research and 2. Follow submission guidelines.


Your first step is to get a list of prospects. Google is your friend, especially if you are a genre writer. (“Genre” typically refers to Harlequin-type romance, horror, science fiction/fantasy, whodunnit and western. …