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Full Circle

  • Time travel, Manitoba politics and family drama
  • Murder and donuts
  • Writer’s block
  • The Russian revolution and coming home

Those were the stories and verses on display at the Writers’ Circle wrap-up on June 9. Four brave souls (full disclosure: I was one of them) took the stage to read some of the work they had honed in the past year at Writers’ Circles.

Then we spent the remainder of the evening with our adoring fans, talking about writing, gardening, sci-fi and everything in between.

It …

We got answers! AGM Wrap-Up

Last Sunday we convened the Writers’ Collective’s 10th anniversary AGM. 10 years! That’s a huge milestone for any organization, and especially for a relatively small not-for-profit.

Two of the Collective’s founders, Janine LeGal and Lori Broadfoot, joined two current Board members, Ahniko and Mela Fox-Allen, to discuss two very important questions:

  1. Who is this Writers’ Collective?
  2. And what can it do for me?

The discussion was lively and informative, and at the end we also got our audience involved! Here are some of the interesting …

100 Minutes Well Spent

“If you like a lot of things I think you’re happier than if you don’t”