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Celebrating Poetry Month! part une

we are behind in the times! all the cool literary blogs are celebrating poetry month so we should too!


the toronto quarterly has tons of neato interviews and profiles of the latest and greatest  - check it out – here!


and, of course, the league of canadian poets is celebrating, who knew! lots of greatness to be found – here!


so, to join in the fun, i asked our fabuloso board members who their favourite poets are! secretary extraordinaire TARA …

charles bukowski

i’ve been in a charles bukowski frame of mind. i know, it’s weird. i can’t explain it. but i can, however, attempt to explain charles bukowski.

bukowski was poet, novelist, short story writer and all around crazy dude. friend and compatriot to al purdy, bukowski is probably best known for penning the screenplay for the movie Barfly, the character therein pretty much built upon charles bukowski’s own public persona.

bukowski was the quintessential crazy drunk poet, he did wild things, he was a wild …