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We got answers! AGM Wrap-Up

Last Sunday we convened the Writers’ Collective’s 10th anniversary AGM. 10 years! That’s a huge milestone for any organization, and especially for a relatively small not-for-profit.

Two of the Collective’s founders, Janine LeGal and Lori Broadfoot, joined two current Board members, Ahniko and Mela Fox-Allen, to discuss two very important questions:

  1. Who is this Writers’ Collective?
  2. And what can it do for me?

The discussion was lively and informative, and at the end we also got our audience involved! Here are some of the interesting …

Don’t Miss Sally Ito This Saturday!

Sally Ito is the first speaker in the Collective’s 100 Minutes with an Author series and I’m so disappointed that I can’t go. (I made a promise to my mother that can’t be rescheduled. Really.)

I first encountered Ito’s poetry when she was a featured reader for Speaking Crow. This was some time ago, when the Crow first came to roost at Aqua Books. I was captivated by the religious imagery, references and reflections woven through her poetry.

and like the soundless urge

Shakespeare needed the money

When I was eight years old I read The Road to Agra by Aimee Sommerfelt and knew I wanted to be a writer.  This book is the story of a thirteen year old boy named Lalu who takes it upon himself to walk across northern India in an effort to get his seven year old sister Maya to a UN aid station. Here he hopes the doctors can halt the encroaching blindness that will otherwise doom her to a life of isolation and poverty.

When …

Rules for writing

The Guardian is doing a series on “Rules for writers.” They’ve asked contemporary authors to offer their “golden rules” for writing.

I’m by no means an “esteemed” contemporary author (unless you’re asking about my self-esteem), but I thought I’d throw my own offering into the ring.

1. Don’t set the jumps too high. This one I learned from Julia Cameron and her book, The Artist’s Way. Basically, it means don’t start off by setting grandiose goals. There’s no harm in setting the …

“Did you know they have the internet on computers now?”

Welcome to, the new interactive home of the Collective online! For those of you who attended our recent website launch event on February 3 at the fabulous Aqua Books, some of what I’m about to cover here will be familiar ground. Those of you who didn’t attend—you missed a great party! Fortunately, I was able to eat enough cookies to supply the deficiency.

When the question of hosting the launch evening came up, I volunteered, because I am genuinely excited about this project, …