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Notably Notables at THIN AIR 2010

Thin Air is going on this week and we are just plum excited about it! If you don’t know, Thin Air is the Winnipeg International Writers Festival that takes place every September when writers from all over descend upon our great city and show us fair writerly types what they are working on. There is truly something for everyone. Every night there’s a main stage panel at MTYP in the Forks, and other events take place across the city.

Some things we’re going to make …

The Aboriginal Writers Collective of Manitoba Performs for THIN AIR 2010

OOOO this’ll be fuuuuuun… join the ABORIGINAL Writers Collective of Manitoba for a little irreverence, AQUA BOOKS – 274 Garry Street, Friday, September 24th, 10:30-11:30 PM. It’s a late night AfterWords show for Thin Air – the Winnipeg International Writers Festival….

“Wherever members of Winnipeg’s Aboriginal Writers Collective gather, there’s bound to be incisive observation and raucous laughter—often in equal measure. This is First Nations storytelling for the twenty-first century!”

Performing at THIN AIR 2010 are Duncan Mercredi, Jordan Wheeler, Shayla Elizabeth, Maeengan Linklater, Marie …