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no one celebrates christmas like george michael!

white spandex always puts me in a festive mood!

The Thirteenth Day of Writemas

so i know the song traditionally doesn’t have a thirteenth day, but thirteen is so much cooler a number than twelve so that’s why Writemas has thirteen! Writemas is so much cooler than Christmas after all.

so today, a final diddy, and another submission from the lovely Hilary Friesen

- a write up from her attendance at a recent Writers’ Collective workshop with the lovely director Danishka Esterhazy…


Beginners Course in Scriptwriting – Danishka Esterhazy

“The story structure of film is very formulaic – …

The Twelfth Day of Writemas

… re: the song = whatever already!…

almost didn’t make it here today due to technical difficulties but got it in just under the wire…. and today, Mr. Jordan Wheeler = last ndn i swear! (at least during Writemas)

first a bio – uncharacteristically short winded for the Wheelerster - Jordan Wheeler is a member of the Gordon First Nation.  He’s been writing stories since 1982. Aaaand he’s on NativeWiki – check it! (NativeWiki = just as “Made it” as white person Wiki).

now, my …

The Eleventh Day of Writemas

… i think you know it by now….

ok so i’m returning to the Aboriginal Writers Collective theme cause, well, they’re the ones who have sent me stuff. that and i heart them so bad!! so today, enjoy a little of the 2009 Lansdowne Poetry Prize winner Rosanna Deerchild:

Rosanna Deerchild is Cree from South Indian Lake, Manitoba. Her first book of poetry this is a small northern town was published in 2008 by The Muses Company (J. Gordon Shillingford). An award winning journalist, Rosie

The Tenth Day of Writemas

on the tenth day of Writemas my true love gave to me

a look ahead to January’s Speaking Crow!!!

This is Jonathan Ball and he is going to be featured – Tuesday January 4th, 7 pm, Aqua Books!!! – (pssst check his website too – lotsa cool things there, including an interview with Frank Black!! i heart Frank Black.)

And the vivacious Colin Smith is back at the Speaking Crow bio writing helm – he writes some gooders does he, and Ball’s is no exception …

The Ninth Day of Writemas



- singing it louder makes me feel energetic!

ok so leaving behind the other Collective, we now return to our regularly scheduled programming of this Writers Collective…. with a lovely postcard story from the uber lovely Hilary Friesen. (technically, it’s a postcard story without the postcard but i don’t really feel the postcard is neccessary to the postcard story – just …

The Eighth Day of Writemas

on the eighth day of writemas kate starts to realize that this is a bigger project than she originally thought ….

and shares one of her favourite poems by Ms Elizabeth Denny!!!

(the last of my Aboriginal Writers Collective submissions – unless of course those members former and current who “FORGOT” or “DIDN’T CHECK THEIR EMAIL” suddenly remember to send me something!!!!!)


Elizabeth Ann Denny is a proud Metis writer from Winnipeg. Her writing which takes many forms, can be found most recently

The Seventh Day of Writemas

On the Seventh Day of Writemas my true love gave to me . . .

The Seven Deadly Sins from Dante and Pope Gregory I?!?

– “ALL highly applicable to writers!”-

Thank you Michael Van Rooy for this post!

To wit:

Extravagance – Eschew such that you may write.

Gluttony – Eat when you can that you might have strength to write.

Avarice – Turn your back upon wealth as it distracts from the story that you should be writing.

Discouragement – Don’t be, not …

The Sixth Day of Writemas

On the sixth day of Writemas my true love gave to me

A warm and steamy poem from Maeengan Linklater

Check it: Maeengan Linklater: a First Nations writer and filmmaker ( His first film, First Nation Winnipeg: The Heart of a Home, co-produced with Jim Sanderson, premiered at Cinematheque in Winnipeg last year. He is working on a full-length poetry collection (forthcoming). He is currently on the board of the Manitoba Writers Guild. … And he has the best profile pict on …