Other Contests

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Please note:  These are outside contests from across the country. The Writers’ Collective cannot vouch for the legitimacy of all the following contests.  We encourage all readers to carefully investigate contests or markets before submitting their work.

Information about The Writers’ Collective’s contests is here.


February 14

ARC Poetry Poem of the Year Contest: Who will write the poem of 2014? Submit your poems (each no more than 100 lines). $5,000 grand prize.


March 1

The Writers Union of Canada 21st Annual Short Prose Competition for Developing Writers:  The winning entry will be the best Canadian work of up to 2,500 words in the English language, fiction or non-fiction, written by an unpublished author. $2,500 prize.


April 4

2-Day Poem Contest 2014: Register by April 4; contest takes place April 12-13. Write an original poem in 48 hours with 10 words provided by CV2. First place $500, second place $300, third place $150.