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mad libs!

do you know about these? my kids brought them home one day and i think they’re great! this website is the best i found online – but just search “Mad Libs” or “Mad Glibs” to find many different sites!!

all’s you do is fill in the blanks and click submit and your words are imputted into an existing piece!

lots of good ideas, love the randomness of the associations, inspiration abounds!!

happy writerly thoughts to all of you,


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Worst Xmas EVER!!!

ok you guys have to help me out here – i have writers meeting thursday, and the theme is: Worst Xmas Ever!!!! so far i got nothing.

do i go for the real worst xmas ever, the depressing sad one?

or naw, avoid that, and go for the craziest worst xmas ever, which was really the best one – and nothing worked out, and things were charred in ovens seldom used and i ended up freezing my arse off  on kits beach with other orphaned friends and a few too many bottles of wine?

let us be like bugs skimming the water’s surface

let’s talk imagery!  imagery, arguably vital to any good piece, is roughly defined as the representation of one thing by another thing.

this representation is most often constructed by either a simile or a metaphor.

a simile uses “like” or “as” eg: “i wandered lonely as a cloud” (william woodsworth),

and a metaphor, does the same thing but the language is implicit, or simply said, does not use “like” or “as” eg: “her song trembling the twigs and small branches” (theodore roethke).

elan vital

recently came across this term, and me likey …

elan vital, sometimes called “the life force that makes things make themselves” was a term coined by “French philosopher Henri Bergson in his 1907 book Creative Evolution, was translated in the English edition as “vital impetus” … see more on our dear friend WIKI …

i like this concept of a vital creative life force, this “current of life” in a literary, poetic if you will, context. it goes further than your typical inspiration or your run-of-the-mill muse, it is an actual force, an energy that flows through you and can then make the writing make itself.

Creative Writing Prompt for the week of April 18th

This week’s task – try some NON STOP WRITING…

Since my high school Creative Writing class, my favourite writing exercise of all time is Non Stop Writing.

It’s a simple exercise to do, all you need is an egg timer - or something like it, a pen – pencils not allowed as erasing is too tempting, and quite a few pieces of paper.

The rules are simple, set your timer for a manageable length of time – ten to fifteen minutes, clear your head and begin! You CAN’T take your pen off the paper, YOU CAN”T STOP, your pen must stay moving and glued to the paper and you have to keep going as if the gods are making you do it!!

Creative Writing Prompt #2

Here’s a photo to get your creative juices flowing . . . snow is melting, soon trees will be budding and . . . write away, tell us more.

Photo by JRFoto, via Flickr.

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Creative Writing Prompt #1

The word of the day is: launch!

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