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the ear rot tick?

so in a shameless attempt at self promotion: i just launch a book with my writers collective last night! whoot! i am so proud of this book, xxx ndn: luv and lust in ndn country, and hey, if you can’t tell by the title it’s erotic! shhhhh

for more information check out my post on CBC’s the Manitoba Scene blog – my post


ever try writing the ear rot tick? it’s harder than it looks. pun intended haha

i think you should try it. i think that should be your challenge. it doesn’t have to be all nitty gritty you know. you could be shy, like me, and just get a little, well, sensual… just a taste, a tasteful taste, a little something something…

for inspiration check out my friend Maeengan’s Manitoba Scene post - maeengan’s post

and then just have fun with it!!


happy writing,


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Katherena Vermette

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    HilaryNo Gravatar says:

    The launch was fantastic! Great readings by great writers and performers. I can’t wait to read the book.

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