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i had the pleasure of spending last thursday afternoon with poet Stephen Ross Smith and a bunch of writers. always a good way to spend some time, this workshop gave me a much needed poetic boost as i launch into post-lit-degree-pre-fine-arts-degree life!

things i took away from the afternoon that i want to share with you:

the word TORQUE is pretty amazing…. i may have just found my new favourite word!

the word TREACLE is equally awesome and i take my hat off to anyone who has recently had to use it in a writing contest submission.

also, Stephen Ross Smith (three named people have a distinct advantage of sounding far more posh than the rest of us) directed us to this great site – 82 WRITING EXPERIMENTS BY BERNADETTE MAYER.

i love learning new things. here are 82 new things i didn’t know before i logged on to this site this afternoon.

so check it out. there will be inspiration, oh yes, there will be inspiration!


a rainy afternoon is the perfect time to start the new masterpiece!


happy writing,





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