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super friends!!!

hello long neglected creative writing blog! i have been hard at work completing my literature degree and too busy to breathe! i am happy to report that i will be all done tomorrow!!! super like!!! and i want to give a super like out to LINDSEY CHILDS who has done a super job being a super helper on this here website the last few weeks. miigwetch lindsey

and a jolly merci to all my friends who have helped me out these last few months of hermitage and crazy paper writing… got me thinking: aren’t friends great? dare i say, aren’t friends super??

a cat picture, oh yes, i went there!

so that’s our inspiration tonight: FRIENDS. write about your friends, a time when someone helped you out? a funny story? oh one the many embarassing stories??? maybe a character sketch of one of them? we write love poetry all the time (maybe that’s just obsessive me?!) why not an ode to a pal??

i’m going to write rhyming couplets about lindsey’s lovely lithe fingers plucking away at the keys and posting pretty posts ;)

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Katherena Vermette

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    Lindsey ChildsNo Gravatar says:

    Aww! Thanks, Kate!

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