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Ok, tonight we’re doing another trifecta triangle of joy!!

I think we did one of these a while ago, but each time it’s so different.

With this one, I randomly asked three people to tell me the first word that came to their mind (thank you facebook!).

The responses: star, apple, freckle!…. Interesting… ok what you do with a trifecta triangle of joy is now you have to make a story, or a poem, or a something that includes those three words.

Or, if you’re just looking for something quick, just to get the juices going – you can make quick fun sentences. …


“You can see the stars better if you eat apples,” said that freckley kid.

While eating an apple, I noticed that that freckle is in the shape of a star!

That freckled Apple Martin is a star!



You don’t have to use these words, you can pick three of your very own, and ENJOY

your very own trifecta triangle of joy.



Good Luck!!


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Katherena Vermette

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