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New Year’s Resolutions are always full of fodder…

it’s that time of the year again, time to swear off all our bad habits and promise to try anew. sooooo what’s your new year’s resolution?

every year, my resolution is the same – and really i optimistically think that says more of my commitment to rather than merely my inability to stick to it – and this year is no exception. this year i will try again to quit smoking!

ah smoking! how i have loved you, you have taken my youth, my very breath, yet still i love you, crave you, everyday, but  like the many bad-idea-boyfriends you have accompanied into my life i have to let you go. ah smoking, it’s time to go our separate ways. it’s not you, it’s me! well, it’s kinda you.

i’m getting to a writing prompt really i am.

so now that you’re thinking about your own new year’s resolution, how about thinking about how such a thing came into your life. how ever did such a bad or good habit or idea make it’s way to becoming your new year’s resolution?? what’s the story there??


my resolution story started when i started smoking, at an embarrassing young age and under the passive influence of my very dear friend Harry who stole rollies from his dad because i asked him to. poor Harry, i always blame him for getting me hooked! ~ and life threatening habit development aside, it is a nice story of young friends, big gulps and hanging out in front of convenient stores, the early nineties and head pounding heavy metal, all around misspent youth. sigh!


sooooo what’s your story??

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Katherena Vermette

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