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Yer Mom!

Saw this writing prompt and had to repost – immediately thought of all those bad tasting “yer mom…” jokes, tho I don’t think that was the intention of the prompt….

The aim is a fiction piece, one paragraph at least. Begin with the words “Your mother.” You can go any direction you want, so long as those are the first two words. Try your best to write a story, or the beginnings of one. And don’t be afraid to start over. Go none stop, first thing that comes to mind and go from there, even if it is a tasteless insult….

one good mom…

Marge Simpson, of course!

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Katherena Vermette

One Response to “Yer Mom!”

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    Brandy LynnNo Gravatar says:

    Your mother…
    mumbles steely words
    only to herself
    to knead, to roll,
    to fold, to pinch,
    accomplishing beyond odds,

    Your mother…
    sets to task
    with notions
    of a smiling,
    hugging child
    embracing her, squeezing
    her with all his might
    about the waist,
    cheek to tummy.

    Your mother…
    has no truer joy
    than to feed
    on the vision of her child
    and his child,
    eyes closed, with
    each savory bite,
    senses filled with sweet
    buttery dough,
    potato, cheese,
    and fresh, cool,
    sharp, sour cream.

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