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Dream a little Dream?

found this great writing prompt page from the Writers Digest – check it out here!

and in the spirit of stealing but crediting, which seems to be the theme of the day, I picked my fave:

Use the most ridiculous dream you can remember having and write a story that explains everything that happened in the dream. (i.e. I had a banana costume on because I’d been hired to advertise for a fruit smoothie stand.)

see the complete post and view some great responses – here!

i love recording my dreams, when i can remember them that is, writing them down and trying to figure them out. such fun! and good writing, some of my best, read: trippiest, ideas came from dreams. jack kerouac wrote an entire book based on a dream  -  see Book of Dreams for some trippy good fun!

and if you need more inspiration – “try this quote: the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” Eleanor Roosevelt (why do i love Eleanor Roosevelt so much?!)

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Katherena Vermette

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