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The Writers' Collective

Creative Writing Blog

A picture is worth… well a paragraph at least!!

Look at this! There are leaves on the trees! Seems so long ago already…

So what does this make you think of?

What are the first words that pop into your head?

Let those words lead you… to something… have fun!!!!

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Katherena Vermette

2 Responses to “A picture is worth… well a paragraph at least!!”

  1. 1
    Brandy LynnNo Gravatar says:

    Somewhere along the river
    the fish eyes filter
    through the darkness.
    By now, this day and age,
    their generation sees
    no rainbow.

    A passer-by comments
    on the empty cups, the straws,
    the mustard foiled burger paper,
    the brown murky water.

    A child tightly seat-belted,
    with a sliding lid cup of cheerios, sings

    A tear streaks down
    the face of a lone elderly woman
    with the news of 5 Canadians
    in Mexico,
    especially the father and son
    who left a wife and daughter. She drops
    her knitting and wavers
    over to the white castled window
    her children invested in
    for a view of the river.

    The fish slime hidden through the darkness.

    A firefighter gets a tetanus shot
    for nicking her arm with a knife
    trying to cut free
    a drowning jumper tangled
    as they tried to save him
    as he tried to die.

    The dragon boat drummer
    begins his rhythmic chant
    slowly increasing the speed and intensity
    for a taste of victory.

    The baggers in the tent
    by the shore lie still
    as if never there
    while footsteps of possible police
    walk by and away. Somewhere
    along the river
    they can sleep another night.

    The fish won’t breathe
    a word.

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  2. 2
    lunaticNo Gravatar says:

    The river look quiet, as the currant swept along it put a calmness into anyone who look at it, but how decieving it was.
    The murky water was the perfect place for it. It could hunt with out it’s prey seeing it and it could hide if needed. But during the past years it’s prey was become harder to find. It was getting hungry, it would have to start to look for other food.
    It never ever came up to the surface. It had no need. But with the food on the decrease it would have to the chance it and search. Through out the years in it’s home it would feel large vibration at the suface. When the next vibration came it would strike and take its prey to its home below.

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