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let’s see if you can guess how i’m feeling by the end of this post….

just a quick one today ’cause well, i have so much to do. when did sundays become less about sleeping in and more about getting a jump start to the week ahead?

all’s i know is my head hurts already.

so let’s do a sentence starter this week. a sentence starter is when i give you the first part of a sentence and you finish it. and keep going. as long as you can.

the collective does a fair bit of their contests this way, and another one will be announced in a matter of days, so consider this good practice.

… and the starter is …

“I have never been so overwhelmed as that time …”

hopefully that works for you.

and now i am going to bang my head against a wall for awhile. i really think it will help!

happy writing.

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Katherena Vermette

One Response to “let’s see if you can guess how i’m feeling by the end of this post….”

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    Jocelyn BoileauNo Gravatar says:

    Hello Katherena,

    Ah yes, a very appropriate prompt. How’s your head? Please don’t knock your brains out – you probably need them for all those other hundred ‘n one overwhelming tasks. Hang in there, thanksgiving is coming up :-)

    You mentioned a while back that The Collective is now on Facebook – how do I find the group on FB? I’ve put in a few tries like Winnipeg Writers’ Collective but so far no luck.

    No hurry on this, but if you get a moment sometime (ha hum,) thanks,

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