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hard times??

ack! how horrible am i? it’s been a while my lovely writerlies and for that i am truly sorry. please accept my sheepish of apologies.

so for today’s writerly prompt, i would like to borrow from our Non Fiction Contest that opened recently – if you don’t know about it yet, please click – here!! deadline is November 8th by the way, so we need to all get moving,

it’s a good prompt, and good prompts are good to steal…The challenge this WEEK is to write a non-fiction story based on the theme “Welcome to hard times . . .” For good or for ill. For richer or poorer. For laughs or tears. Hard times can make us stronger or break us entirely. Hard times can be found in our careers, our love lives, or anywhere else we live and they are what makes us what we are. It’s not necessary that you mention hard times in the theme it should be obvious to readers where you’re coming from.

so let’s see where that gets you, for further inspiration, how about try this… john legend vid – click here – some good soul to get you all warmed up!

and for those of you who just like the look of john legend – google for images – pretty pretty images – of just click here!!

have a great week!

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Katherena Vermette

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