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elan vital

recently came across this term, and me likey …

elan vital, sometimes called “the life force that makes things make themselves” was a term coined by “French philosopher Henri Bergson in his 1907 book Creative Evolution, was translated in the English edition as “vital impetus” … see more on our dear friend WIKI …

i like this concept of a vital creative life force, this “current of life” in a literary, poetic if you will, context. it goes further than your typical inspiration or your run-of-the-mill muse, it is an actual force, an energy that flows through you and can then make the writing make itself.

… and upon quick google search, Elan Vital is also the name of a pretty funky art gallery in Maui, click here, to see some painted creative life force energy …

it’s a happy meditation on a nice summer evening.


Katherena Vermette

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