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The Writers' Collective

Creative Writing Blog


Welcome to the Writers’ Collective’s creative writing blog. Here we’ll be posting snippets – a word, a phrase, a picture, a song lyric – to get your creative juices flowing. When you’ve squeezed those juices down to the last drop, post the results as a comment to the inspirational prompt.

Please note a few ground rules before you hit the “Comment” button:

  • Keep responses to prompts under 500 words. If you have a longer piece, consider submitting it to The Collective Consciousness.
  • Keep in mind that The Writers’ Collective is a diverse creative community. Our members and visitors are all ages, genders, races, sexualities, abilities and so on. In our view, this confers two responsibilities: 1. To strive not to use language that will offend or trigger another reader; 2. If such language is absolutely necessary to your creative efforts, to put a Reader/Trigger warning at the top of your comment and outline the content that merits this warning (for example, violence, sexual content or offensive language).
  • The site administrators reserve the right to remove content they find to be offensive with no other redeeming artistic merit.
  • Our comments policy is still in development. If you would like to contribute your suggestions, please respond to this post.
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    Brent ToderashNo Gravatar says:

    One that comes to mind that I’ve seen elsewhere is No ad hominem attacks. In the context of discussion, it’s one thing to critique the contribution, but quite another to critique the person. Should things get heated, the lines can blur. Of course, that won’t happen here! ;^)

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