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At Least it’s Sunny, Right?!

Today Winnipeg is colder than Mars! Yesterday we were colder than the North Pole! That’s what I like to call, writing weather!!

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Hello Collective,

So nice to be back here. I almost remember how to use this thing.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Kate. I used to be on the WCM Board and write on this blog a couple years ago, and now, I am happy to be back with this amazing organization, this time as the Program Coordinator! I am …

Another Modest Proposal by Jordan Wheeler

as an Aboriginal person, i am often asked by non-Aboriginal people to explain points of Aboriginality (yes it’s a word, it’s actually one of my favourites). tho i appreciate interest in my culture and honest, earnest questions, sometimes i grow tired of constantly putting on the “ambassador hat” as i call it. … but the last thing i want to do is discourage questions.

the Winnipeg Public Library has recently partnered with the Aboriginal Writers Collective to try and build up the library’s collection of …

Book Dominoes

i say we form a flash domino-ing mob and storm the library! …someone bring a camera!!



Grammar Matters!

Grammar DOES matter! Don’t let anybody tell you different.

Like the tiniest knife to a wood carver, or most delicate chisel to a sculptor, grammar is the finest tool of our craft.

To forget about it, or not pay attention to it, means you are creating something crude and rough where smooth, polished work could have been.

I didn’t always think so highly of grammar ~ I used to believe writing was art and art should have no rules….Call me a sell out but that …

Figment: An Online Writing Community!

Credit goes to our fair president Hilary Friesen who found this neato community on the interweb – figment – me thinks some fun shall be had there….


and a nice little article about said site from the folks at Quill and Quire  - here!…

THIN AIR 2011 presents Peter Robinson, aka, Inspector BANKS

THIN AIR – the WInnipeg International Writers Festival is having a fundraiser this weekend:
so if you are or know of someone who has:

a) a love for all things mystery writing

b) a love for all things THIN AIR – the Winnipeg International Writers Festival

c) a couple dollars and a sincere desire to support the Arts in Winnipeg

THIN AIR 2011 presents Peter Robinson, aka, Inspector BANKS

Saturday, June 11 ·
8:00pm- 11:00pm
MTYP (2 Forks Market
Road, Winnipeg, MB)

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go to: The Winnipeg Review: The Future of Books.

The Winnipeg Review: new issue on the Future of Books – paper versus electronic – a fight to the death!

GO TO: to read up on the conversation.


Note by Colin Smith

And the guy that writes such beautiful biographies for Speaking Crow authors has only this to say about himself, “Colin Smith’s latest book of poems is 8 x 8 x 7 (KRUPSKAYA Books, 2008).” So let me try to write a Colin Smith bio a la Colin Smith -

The coolest poet working in Winnipeg today, Smith spurns normality and subverts the poetic status quo. His rebellious raptures are hilariously haunting, as his verses echo endlessly, the full extent of their genius only shamelessly revealed …

2 poems by Brenda Sciberras

happy evening everyone – i wanted to post some more new, great work from our wonderful members.

here are two poems by Brenda Sciberras. Enjoy!


100 minutes with an author


We are like magpies, preying

on every clever word uttered from her lips.

Pen in hand scribbling notes,

writing every syl-la-ble, believing

she has the answers, an antidote,

a cure for writers’ block.


She will feed us confidence,

validate our thirst for knowledge

on how the craft is done. Spark

an epiphany, …

On the Old Bog Road by Peter Branson

posting original work by our membership is one of my most favourite things to do on this blog!

dearest readers, if you ever have any pieces you would like to have published here, please pass them along  - 

this morning, i would like to share this little diddy by exciting up and comer, Peter Branson (bio below).


On the Old Bog Road

County Galway, Ireland

His face adds texture to the ground he cuts.

Cured by the wind and rain and written on…