Pleased to (re)Meet You

“The Writers’ Collective – what’s that?”

Maybe you’ve had this experience. You’re telling a friend about the contest you just entered, or inviting them to an open mic where you’ll be speaking, or sharing your experience as a Board member with this great organization – The Writers’ Collective. You’re met with a blank stare.

It can be hard for a small organization like The Writers’ Collective to get its name out there and to come up with a pithy, memorable way to describe itself – even when it’s an organization of writers.

One way for an organization to define itself and how it stands out from the crowd is in its vision, mission and values – what some people call a strategic framework. An organization’s vision, mission and values are its foundation – the basis for all that it does.

  • The vision describes the organization’s higher purpose. It answers the question “why do we get up in the morning?”
  • The mission answers the question “what do we do when we get to work?”
  • Values are an organization’s conscience. They describe how we relate to our members, staff and partners.

Just last month, the Board of The Writers’ Collective got together to plan out the year ahead. As part of that, we reviewed our existing vision and mission, and crafted values statements. So if you’ve ever struggled to describe what The Writers’ Collective is all about, let us give you a helping hand.


Our Vision: Celebrate the individual voices of writers by connecting them to each other, their audience and their communities.

Our Mission: To inspire, encourage and promote writers at all skill levels through membership services which include publication and performance opportunities.

Our Values:
Welcoming – to all writers, regardless of skill or experience
Community – serving and building
Positive – celebrating success



Hilary Friesen

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