Library Out Loud – February 23

Come and share your writing – in any genre – with The Writers’ Collective and Millennium Library!

When: Sunday, February 23, 1:30 – 3:30 p.m.

Where: Millennium Library, TD New and Noted Room

You don’t need to be polished, professional or published. You need only be willing to read words you have written, OUT LOUD.

Sign up today, email: [email protected] (and if you don’t sign up, come anyway, we’ll have fun, I promise.)

Hilary Friesen

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3 Responses to “Library Out Loud – February 23”

  1. Libby Simon says:


    I’m not sure you’ll get this before the gathering today but I just want to send my regrets. I woke up with a bad cold and am not able to make it. I know you will have plenty of readers lining up so have a great one.


  2. Jocelyn Boileau says:

    Thank you Eve Dutton for hosting another awesome Out Loud yesterday. Such a fun and inspiring way to spend a chilly Sunday afternoon. So enjoyed listening to the eclectic readings, a great mix of poetry, creative prose and tantalizing fiction.
    Thanks also to your trusty time keeper, and to The Writers’ Collective and Millennium Library for making these Open Mic sessions a reality.

    For those of you who hesitate to come and check-out Out Loud, do come along and discover this non-threatening, supportive group, for a great opportunity to share your writing: Out Loud.
    Cheers, Jocelyn

  3. Eve says:

    Thanks, Jocelyn, for your kind words! Hosting Library Out Loud is one of my favourite parts of volunteering for the Collective. I’m glad you enjoyed the event!

    Libby, you were missed, but we’ll hopefully catch you at the next one!

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