Member Event: Launch of Life is Like a Pot of Soup

When: Sunday, Apr. 28 2013 at 2:00 pm

Where: Atrium, McNally Robinson Booksellers

Forrest Gump may have seen life as a box of chocolates, but Libby Simon views it more like a pot of soup…elements that mix and simmer slowly over the years, which result in a complex and unique labyrinth of characteristics that make us who we are. In Life is Like a Pot of Soup, a collection of Libby’s new and previously published works, you’ll find a mixture of flavours – joy, sorrow, fear, courage, and love. The author begins with a fundamental stock (nature and nurture), adds an assortment of ingredients (childhood friends, new family, career choices), and stirs the pot with life’s experiences. The theme is universal and timeless.

Hilary Friesen

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