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What – or more importantly, who – do you think of when you think of The Writers’ Collective? Who’s keeping the wheels turning, sending out email updates and making sure the programs you look forward to are available?

There’s our Programming Coordinator, of course. We have had quite a few over the years, and their dedication and commitment to emerging writers is invaluable – as is their attention to emails, their willingness to answer questions and their general administrative prowess.

A not-for-profit organization like The Writers’ Collective has another important human component – the Board. Organizations like ours need a Board made up of our members – it’s part of what gives us our special (charitable) status and defines us as a community-based, community-serving organization.

The Board oversees the operations and finances of The Writers’ Collective. We hire the Programming Coordinator; brainstorm, approve and help to develop new programs. We assist at events like Awards Nights and Library Out Loud; apply for grants to fund new programs; and decide the future direction of The Writers’ Collective.

We are what is called a “working Board” – Board members, all volunteers, play an active role in the development and operations of The Writers’ Collective. We collaborate with and support the Programming Coordinator. We take on individual and group projects that help The Writers’ Collective continue its work.

You can be part of this important, dynamic and diverse group of people. We are looking for more minds to plan our future, more voices to add to the discussion and more hands to share our to-do list.

What you need

  • Be a member of The Writers’ Collective – for a day or a decade
  • Have four to eight hours a month to volunteer as a Board member
  • Be willing to share or learn skills such as: communications/marketing; online promotion (blogging, website updates, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr); applying for and managing grants; fundraising; financial/business management; networking and community-building; event planning and management
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Comfortable communicating in-person, over email and online (video chat)

Our Annual General Meeting is coming up on May 4 – this is when the full slate of Board members (new and continuing) is elected by the members. We are currently seeking a Secretary and a Treasurer, as well as Directors-at-Large. Other Board executive positions will be open in the next few years.

If you’re interested in being part of the future of The Writers’ Collective, email us! Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you would like to get out of being a Board member.



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