Why I Still Live in Winnipeg part 3

Winnipeg has its faults (you’re not going to find Murder Capital on this list of why I still live here, that’s for sure), but it also has a vast and varied arts community, beautiful parks and a rich history.


Here are a few more reasons why I love living here.


Nothing beats a good boomer after a hot, hot day in the summer time. The smell of the air when it rains, the feeling along your spine every time there is a great big crack of thunder, and the coloring of the clouds as a storm rolls in can be awe-inspiring. Yep. Thunderstorms are pretty awesome. Sure, they can be scary sometimes, but I like to think of them as Mother Nature’s way of reminding us that we can be as cocky as we want, but at the end of the day, she’s still in charge.

Kite and Kaboodle


Walk through the doors of the iconic toy shop at the Forks and poof! You’re a kid again. The world is yours! And everything you could ever dream of and more are available through Playmobile, Lego and the other hundred or so neato kids items that they carry. They also have book (not just for children), board games (not just for children…and some of them REALLY not for children) and some novelty items that always make me smile, like the Giant Plush Microbes. (Getting someone these stuffies as a gift is the ONLY time it is ok to give someone Mono, The Plague, H1N1 etc.)














Pantages Playhouse

The Theatre District

So many plays…so little time (and in my case, money). Every now and then, when I can afford it, I’ll splurge and get a ticket to one of the many, many plays that are constantly being put on here in the ‘Peg. There is so much talent in this town, it floors me.







Shelmerdine Nurseries

Come Christmas, Shelmerdine Nurseries becomes a winder wonderland. My mother and I have a tradition where every December, we go to Shelmerdine and smell the time trees. Odd? Perhaps. Creepy? Maybe a little. Satisfying? 100%. The festive atmosphere, the pretty poinsettias, and amazing Christmas tree displays always help to put me in a Christmassy state of mind.

Lindsey Childs

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2 Responses to “Why I Still Live in Winnipeg part 3”

  1. Debbie Strange says:

    Hi Lindsey:

    What a coincidence that you should post about Kite and Kaboodle. We were just there the other day and hit the jackpot! We’re giving all of our nieces and nephews the magnetic poetry kits for kids for Christmas this year. We also make a trip every year to breathe in Christmas at Shelmerdine.

    Having the Assiniboine Forest and Fort Whyte near us are two reasons we love Winnipeg. A little taste of the natural world does wonders to soothe the spirit…

    shine on,

  2. Lindsey Childs says:

    They have the magnetic poetry kits? Nice! I love those! Thanks for posting!