Why I Still Live in Winnipeg Part 2

Winnipeg has a lot to offer. Some of it good (Like The Winnipeg International Writer’s Festival which is just around the corner!) and some of it not so good (minus fifty with the windchill… love you too, February.).

Here is part 2 of my list of why I still live in Winnipeg:


Fort Gibraltar

Mmm Historical!

Where else in the city can you go to find out some interesting historical facts, then go to a charity dinner, have a little wine and throw some hatchets? That’s what I thought. When May comes around and Prairie Fire has their Speaking Volumes fundraiser, I get all excited because I know I’m in for some good eats, a great reading and some good old fashion hatchet throwing in heels and a dress. Yep. the Fort gets me jazzed about writing. Good times.


The James Richardson International Airport

The only place in the city currently with a Harvey's and a Swiss Chalet.

I know our airport is outdated, cramped and our ‘expansion’ is taking waaaaay to long. I know trying to navigate the parking maze is a pain in the but and having to shell out a couple bucks extra for parking so you have enough time to get back to your car… which you parked somewhere between Never Never Land and Narnia.

But airports are not only places of travel, they are places of stories. The guy standing next to you near the baggage carousel could be from Norway who is here to find his long lost daughter. Or the woman next to you in the line for Swiss Chalet chicken may be just coming out of a bad marriage and is part way through a world trip to rediscover who she is. Airports are inbetween places. They are somewhere people pass through. They are gateways that link people from all over the world.


Splash Pads


Every time I see a splash pad, I think, “Awww! Why couldn’t they have had these when I was little? If I went and played at one without a child with me, would it be creepy? Yeah, it would be totally creepy.”

Splash Pads are great in the summer, especially for writers with little kids due to this very simple equation:

Children + Splash Pad = All afternoon fun.

All afternoon fun = several hours to write, while still keeping an eye on your children.

Everybody is a winner!


Leo Mol Sculpture Garden


The Leo Mol Sculpture Garden is beautiful. The flowers are gorgeous, the sculptures highly impressive (and very Winnipeg) and everyone at the garden has that fun “Yay, I’m outside!” look about them that can’t help but make you smile. So crack out that notebook and pen, snag yourself a primo spot under a tree and write. Cuz’ this garden grows plants and creativity, baby.


Where are your favorite Winnipeg places? Let me know!

Lindsey Childs

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