Why I Still Live in Winnipeg

Everybody who lives in Winnipeg, at one point or another, runs into that guy or girl from elsewhere who says, “You’re from Winterpeg? Why would anyone actually live there?”

And ok, I’ve had that moment, that slow chill over my heart as I stand outside waiting for a bus before dawn in February.  I feel the windchill against my face and I ask myself, “Why do I live here? Why did anyone settle here? Why didn’t the first people who came to this hunk of land, after their first winter not look at each other and say, “Hands up if you want to go through another winter like that. No one? Ok, pack up. We’re getting out of here.”


Yeah, we’ve all been there I think. But there are things about this town that make us happy. Things that make us weather the, erm, weather and keep us smiling.


Here are some of the things I love about Winnipeg.


Both Iconic and Confusing!

Confusion Corner: Personally, when I’m driving and I need to use Confusion Corner, I have that moment where I think I’m going to mess it up and nail a bus or something. But what I LIKE about Confusion Corner is that it exists.

It’s what I figure the roads in Alice in Wonderland would look like.

Uptight White Rabbit: “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! No time to say, ‘hello!’ ‘goodbye!’ I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!”

Me: “Did you take confusion corner?”

Uptight White Rabbit: “Why do you think I’m late? I got in the wrong lane and ended up going 8 blocks in the opposite direction before I realized I wasn’t headed into the Osborne Village.”

Me: “Gotcha.”


Sit back and enjoy!

The Planetarium: I may  have a BA in English, but there is a little piece of me that does a happy dance every time I get to go to the Planetarium. The night sky leaves me breathless every time and when they do laser shows, I go and see almost all of them. Lasers + Loud Music + Night Sky= FUN!


Baked Expectations: Because nothing beats fresh pie of cheesecake at 11:30 at night when you need a sugar fix. Plus, it’s a cool place to write if you don’t mind the noise of happy patrons. It’s a great place to people watch!


The Carol Shields Memorial Labyrinth: It’s a beautiful place to go write, or just sit, or go for a calming walk, or do whatever else you need to do. It is a space where I go when I need a few minutes to just be still. I love Winnipeg for having this beautiful place to go.


Ok, so that’s just a few from me, but what places do you like? What makes Winnipeg ‘home’ for you?

Let me know!

Lindsey Childs

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3 Responses to “Why I Still Live in Winnipeg”

  1. Denise says:

    I love that after living here my entire life (40+ years), I still discover new places. Just “discovered” St. Vital Park. After all these years, I thought Kildonan and Assiniboine were the only big parks in Winnipeg!

  2. gabe says:

    Why I still live in Winnipeg? What a great question. I guess I live here because I haven’t got a reason to leave at the moment. The grass is not greener in some other place.

    My favourite spot of the city is near my home. It’s the Harte Trail – part of the TransCanada Trail. The nuances of our four seasons (and in-between seasons) get to show off on this long, tree-lined pathway. It’s great for dog walking, jogging, talk-walking, writing block, and just deep breathing.

  3. Lindsey Childs says:

    I live near the Harte Trail, too! You’re right, it’s a beautiful place that is great to go to unwind and enjoy a bit of nature here in the city.

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