Give Us Some Feedback – Get a Chance to Win!

The Writers’ Collective needs your help! We want to know a bit about your relationship with the Collective – which programs and services you use the most, what you want from the Collective, what your writing goals are and how we can serve you better.

Please take a few minutes (about 15) to complete our survey. At the end, you can enter for a chance to win a free one-year membership or a free workshop by providing us with your name and contact information. Your survey answers will still be anonymous!

You don’t have to give us your name and contact info, but you won’t be eligible to win.

This survey is also included in the Collective Consciousness, which will be landing in your mailboxes or inboxes soon, if you prefer a paper version.

Click here to take the survey now.

The survey was created with survey software.

Hilary Friesen

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4 Responses to “Give Us Some Feedback – Get a Chance to Win!”

  1. Debbie Strange says:

    Hello Hilary:

    I just received my copy today. What a lovely production – well worth waiting for! It was gratifying to see my poem printed so beautifully and artistically on the page. I tried to complete the online survey, but it kept kicking me off, with the message that the webpage had expired. So, I will complete the paper version instead. Once again, I commend you all for doing such a wonderful job for each and every one of us.

    shine on

  2. Hilary says:

    Hi Debbie,
    Thanks for the feedback about the journal and the web survey! I will look into the survey problem and get that fixed.

  3. Hilary says:

    Hi Debbie,
    I finally got a chance to check the survey and can’t find anything wrong with it. Can I ask what kind of internet connection you have? It may be that the survey site doesn’t work very well with dial-up. My apologies for the inconvenience.

  4. Debbie Strange says:

    Hi Hilary:

    Thanks for checking into it for me. We have high speed internet, so it was probably just some weird momentary computer glitch. I’ll pop my survey in the mail before we leave on our annual camping trip. Hopefully, I’ll come home with some entries for the fall contests!

    write on…