Happy Solstice!

Today is the first official day of summer. We are in the light for 12 hours and in the dark for 12 hours. Which, as a Winnipegger, I will gladly take 12 hours of sun.

Plus, that’s extra writing time on the patio.

I find that summer is a less creative time for me in some ways. While I do want to write, I also want to do all of those summer things that people from the ‘Peg have to more or less cram into a very small window of time. Sometimes I need a creative boost to get me going.

And where better to spend the first few days of summer AND reboot your creative brain?

Why, the Oodena Celebration Circle, of course! (See the link below for a video of the Oodena)

If you can, over the next few days (or anytime actually, this is a truly remarkable place) go stand in the center of the circle. Then, take a deep breath and open yourself up so that the powers of the universe can visit and say, “Hi! Allow me to recharge your creative batteries.”


When I look at the Oodena, I see a giant conduit funneling energy from the sky. The Oodena is lined up with different astral events such as the equinoxes, the solstices and with several constellations in our night sky.

Plus, the Oodena is right at the Forks, so if you find you’re not feeling terribly open to the universe, you can at least go and get some mini donuts.


Happy Writing!


Oodena Celebration Circle

Lindsey Childs

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