Your Story

Life can throw you some serious curve balls. Have you tried writing about them?


There is no story, quite like YOUR story.

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One Response to “Your Story”

  1. Margaret Ullrich says:

    Yes, I have.
    I had started my first blog as a continuation of the Community Cupboard from my CKUW radio show.
    A few months later, my mother and our dog died. I started writing a second blog about them. As my Ma liked to cook (I used to send her new recipes) I started a weekly series comparing her recipes to Carmela Soprano’s. It’s been fun and, in a way, I feel like we’re still in touch.
    People can google ‘Anna Sultana’ and get her posts! She’s famous!
    Some of the stories I have written about my Ma have also been published, most recently a blog post was included in Bemidji State University’s ‘Dust & Fire’.
    As they say… Write what you know.