Note by Colin Smith

And the guy that writes such beautiful biographies for Speaking Crow authors has only this to say about himself, “Colin Smith’s latest book of poems is 8 x 8 x 7 (KRUPSKAYA Books, 2008).” So let me try to write a Colin Smith bio a la Colin Smith -

The coolest poet working in Winnipeg today, Smith spurns normality and subverts the poetic status quo. His rebellious raptures are hilariously haunting, as his verses echo endlessly, the full extent of their genius only shamelessly revealed somewhere in the burnished afterglow.

?? maybe ??

ok, just enjoy the poem…


oh yeah, Colin wanted me to mention that this poem is “cv2′s, it made the long list for the 2008 2-day poem-writing thing-dinger”




Proof you’re alive is this line

in the sand infused with tpyos

insolent with soldiers. Raw

sienna moon. A breakfast orange

toast coffee paper. Another article

tries to spin a burnt rattle

to ideological advantage. Memory

that underfed filament

now beginning to stretch and gap.

What the where the. Why

is foregone

forlorn. Why

be this insular. Wrench yourself

into new paradigm, walk its seams.

Mother yourself into thoughfulness.

Be comfortable with wrath.

Be not the vessel but

the sabotage. No resignation no

signature. Buckle erotically

at some party. Raw

sundog. Your heart

is in your thorax, stick insect

nervous to be anywhere. It’s

time to fly, only yesterday.




Katherena Vermette